MKC TOOLS 10ER Motor Upgrade

New surplus PM DC variable speed motor/controller unit for 10ER Shopsmith.

1.5 HP continuous duty fan cooled treadmill motor from the Surplus Center. The controller Range set from 225 to 3600 rpm (adjustable) with belt from 2" motor to 4" headstock pulleys. The range is 300 to 5000 if you switch to the 3" step on the headstock and 450 to 7000 on the 2" step (direct 1 to 1 ratio). Caution: Do not exceed 10,000 spindle rpm on the 10ER and do not exceed the rpm recommended for the attachment being used. This is why the tach is strongly recommended. You need to know the spindle rpm. Use appropriate guards and safety precautions for each attachment and operation. These motors have a 17 mm shaft a come without a cooling fan. I machined a two step (2"/3") pulley and cut down a plastic radial cooling fan and mounted it to the pulley. The 1 1/2 HP continuous rating assumes a cooling fan is installed. There is a small shaft on the rear of the motor that could also be used to mount a cooling fan. The controller is a surplus KB 225D plate drive mounted in a cast aluminum enclosure with AC and DC fuses, lockable on/off switch, speed control, pilot light, 8' power cord and shown with MKC SFM/tachometer mounted. The whole unit is mounted to a 16 ga. sheet metal bracket so it can be installed and removed as a single unit. A couple of heave gage steel washers were welded to the motor mounting base to extend the width to fit the 10ER motor mount casting. Two flat head screws secure the rear of the dc motor base to the mounting bracket. It works great. See Tachulator for details about the tach.
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